Bepok Pvt Fucker v.1.0 by tnt1

by tnt1
Categories: Flood Tools | Codes
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Published on: July 17, 2012
Bepok Pvt Fucker v.1.0 by tnt1

Bepok Pvt fucker Features :

Unlimited ids Login

Fast Login

Super Fast Getlist

Auto Getlist System

Single Id Pvt Bomb

Unlimited Room User Pvt Bomb

Blacklist Pvt bomb

Mig33 Boom Gift Sender 2.0 [BGS Roller]

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Published on: June 16, 2012


# Slow Login [Only For slow net Connection]
# Correct Number of Gift send To The Target ID.
# Unlimited Gift send in Group Chat [NEW]
# 1500 ID login AT a time.
# Gift Name Edit Option.
# Total Gift Count.
# SuccessFul Gift Sending Count.
# Account Balance Check.
# No need to Enter in Group Chat

POWER GROUP FLOODER V.1.0 (Free) By tnt1

by tnt1
Categories: Flood Tools | Codes, Mig33
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Published on: June 16, 2012

 Features :

12 ids Login

add nd xcpt multy ids

Fast Gc Flood

Auto Slang Gc Flood

Count Gc Flood

Gc Flood With Text

This is Free version.

Cuban Raft Kickrz

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Published on: June 9, 2012

Cuban Raft Kickrz

Cuban Raft Kickrz
Cuban Raft 1
Cuban Raft2

Cuban Raft Kickrz Features:

Load 4 Set Multi Ids 4X20.
Flood with DC code.
Flood with own text.
Kick Flood.
Count Flood.
Invisible ID Enter.
Auto Vote.
Auto Like.
Spy Id for room list.
Auto Emote Change Flood.
Ac Flood Auto Count Flood.
Enter Kick Ids Will Enter Room Kick Target And Stay.
Super Speed Targeted Kick (No Miss).
Auto Show Level, Banalce, Data Buffer With Login Ids.

*** Admin Detector: ***
*Only 100 Ids Detector.
*Online Admins Finder.
*Busy Admins Finder.
*Offline Admins Finder.
*Super Fast Room Detect.
*All New Admins Included.
*Add/Remove Admin Name.
*Auto Logout Multi If Admin Detect In Room.
*Detect Every Second / Every 2 Second.

Pagol_Fighter by nirpagol

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Published on: April 25, 2012

Pagol_Fighter by nirpagol

Features :
** Single ID Control.

** Multy id balance checker.

** User friendly atmosphere for new multy users.

** Block your enemy multy ids while flooding

** 15 * 3 = 45 Set Multy Login

** Semi Duel / Brutal

** Speedy flood with 2 auto and 2 manual flood ( unobjectionable)

** Maintained for slow dial up internet users

** Single id enter and left as your wish from any set at any time.

** Single fastest kicking.Multiple targeting to kick auto leavers.

** Auto get list

** Auto enter

** Auto user counter.


Categories: Flood Tools | Codes, Mig33
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Published on: April 25, 2012

1. Fastest roll flood

2. Fake enter/left roll flooding PC [use series multy]

3. Load 50Idz one time

4. Auto check room banned/inactive idz from loaded set

5. Makes autseperate list of banned/inactive idz

6. Auto relogin sokets for unlimited roll flood

7. Super fast text flood + roll flood

8. Auto Balance checker, level checker, country checker.

9. Repair Too many Failed login attempt

10. Fast roll kick with pre-kick text [ Editable ]

W3ap0n 0f W4r by shopnohin-balok and thump_rockstar


=Multi window

* 8 set multi (per set 5 team)
* 3 types of Random flood (emot change + counting)
* 2 Types counting flood (with bullet speed)
* DC code flood
* Flood Manual time interval
* Target id abuser
* 5 text Random flood
* Helper(dalal) detector
* Bullet speed kick
* spy Chat on multi window with 3 IDs
* Unlimited Room Monitor(specialy for spy admin rooms:D)
* multi auto leave on start kick
* Auto enter IDs
* Force to leave
* Singel Multi chat by select Id
* Multi Auto chat
* Hide my ID from list
* Multi team manger

= ADMIN Detector

* Invisible admin detector
* super fast admin detect
* manual Time interval for detect
* auto multi leave+logout on admin detect
* sound alert
* pop up show admin name
* alert if detector ID got suspend

= Team Messenger

* Unlimited Spy ids for chat
* spy auto left on start kick and another spy auto enter in room
* Manual enter by select ID
* Big chat window
* Get list

= Smart kicker

* 2 Set unlimited ID for kick
* Text before kick by Singel id (Editable text)
* Kick Target and stay
* Kick Target and leave (roll kick)
* kick target and Vote slowly (manual delay)
* Faster Get list

= Brutal Kicker

* 12 ids for brutal kick
* bullet speed kick
* unlimited Target ID for brutal kick
* Black list ( that mean it will auto kick black list user)

= Roller Flooder

* 2 set unlimited IDs
* Text roll flood
* super Enter left flood
* manual time interval for roll
* Ping up IP

= GC flooder

* 1 set unlimited multi ids
* bullet speed flood with manual delay
* 1 inviter ID
* invite Unlimited ID in GC

= Password changer

* Unlimited IDs set
* set and change security question and answer
* Check balance
* super speed check banned ids
* Check level
* View multi Ids result
* IDs save with result ( low level+ high Level + active ID + Banned ID + balanced ID)

= Boomb Inviter

* Unlimited ID for send friend request

= Private flooder

* Unlimited ID for pvt flood
* Random and auto pvt flood target ID
* manual interval
* you can send Boomb gift by this option

= Remote Controler

* 1 ID for mobile remote control
* built in commands
* you can control this soft by mobile

= Winamp updator and stylish chatter

* 1 ID for chat
* WInamp update on room
* you can edit winamp update text
* Winamp Update on status
* stylish chat
* Red text chat

= Voter

* Unlimited IDs
* Like vote
* footprint
* profile follwer

= Group joiner

* 1 set unlimited IDs for join group

Thats it……..

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